Llanerchindda Farm Guest House & Self-Catering Cottages (Hadley Hotels Ltd)

COVID- 19 (Coronavirus) Policy / Procedure     December  2020 Onwards

The health, safety and security of our guests, employees and local community is our highest priority. Please take a moment to take note of how we are providing a safe environment to welcome our guests into.

Please note: all COVID-19 (Coronavirus) policies are based on current UK and Welsh Government guidelines and are being constantly reviewed based on the latest advice. We ask that you read this document before your stay.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Statement

We have always operated to high standards ensuring our accommodation and public spaces are clean and safe for our customers. The procedures outlined below are in addition to our normal high standards to ensure additional safety during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic.

The team at Llanerchindda will take all the appropriate measures to reduce the risks from COVID-19 (Coronavirus) to our guests, employees, and members of the local community.

This document forms part of our risk assessment and outlines equipment and procedures that we have put in place to reduce the risk of infection and demonstrate that we offer an environment that is safe for everyone.

In summary this includes:

  • Putting in place hand sanitising stations at all access points to the Buildings, Cottages and Office.
  • Putting in place additional hand sanitising stations throughout the property.
  • Increasing the distances between tables in the dining area.
  • Asking that all customers wear face coverings when indoors unless seated at tables for food and drink.
  • Removal of some lounging areas to allow for a larger dining area.
  • Removing the self-service breakfast buffet and self-service bar and replacing these with served options.
  • Requesting that only one person uses the male public toilet at any one time.
  • Increasing the frequency of cleaning of the public toilets.
  • Implementing procedures and protocols where social contact cannot be avoided by ensuring appropriate measures / barriers are introduced to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Providing additional PPE to our team.
  • Ensuring that high standards of cleaning and sanitising are carried out on a regular basis.

Our aim at Llanerchindda farm is to ensure that our guests enjoy their stay with us, and we hope that the procedures below enable you to continue to enjoy the unique ‘Llanerchindda Experience’. If you have any comments or suggestions on how we could improve your stay, please let a member of the team know.

We look forward to looking after you.

The team at Llanerchindda.

Guest Safety Before Arrival / Whilst Staying

Whilst the team at Llanerchindda will do everything we can to reduce the risks relating to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) whilst staying with us we ask all our guests to adhere to the following before arrival / whilst staying with us:

  • Please follow the government’s advice to avoid catching or spreading Coronavirus, which includes washing your hands regularly with soap and water, wearing a face covering when indoors, covering your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, putting used tissues in the bin or toilet and avoiding close contact with people who are unwell.
  • If any guest has been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) within the last 14 days we ask that you follow the appropriate advice and do not travel to stay with us.
  • If you or anyone in your party is experiencing flu-like symptoms or has a cough / cold / temperature or is experiencing any of the symptoms related to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) we ask that you follow the appropriate advice and do not travel to stay with us.
  • If you develop symptoms that could be related to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) whilst staying in our accommodation please inform a member of the team (safely) immediately, self-isolate in your accommodation and request a test. If you are confirmed to have COVID-19 (Coronavirus) you will be asked to return home if possible and safe to do so. If you are unable to return home your circumstance will be discussed with a doctor and, if necessary, the local authority. If you are advised to remain in your accommodation longer than your booking you will be expected to pay for additional accommodation costs.
  • If you have any concerns about taking up a holiday with us, please contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss the options.
  • If you need to cancel your booking due to Coronavirus our standard cancellation policy applies, which states that if you cancel your booking within 14 days of arrival you will still be liable to pay the full cost of the whole reservation you have booked. However, as a gesture of goodwill, we will hold any monies paid as a deposit against a future booking within 12 months of cancellation.
  • As advice from the government changes, we will update our policy and contact any affected customers.

Check-In / Reception / Check-Out

All guests will be asked to use the hand sanitiser provided at the entrance gate before entering the premises.

Please wear face coverings when entering the main guest house.

Registration cards will be filled in by the team at Llanerchindda prior to arrival and the team member dealing with your check-in will tick a box confirming that the details are correct. Every guest who is staying must be entered on the Reg card for each apartment/cottage.  Guests will not be asked to fill these in themselves to reduce the risk from use of shared pens / pencils.

All keys and fobs will be sanitised after each stay and will be ready for collection on your arrival.

A basket will be placed on the reception desk for keys to be left in on check out or when going out for the day. These will be sanitised before being put in the key drawer.

Hand sanitiser will be available on the reception desk.

The team will not show you to your bedroom / cottage unless you request assistance. If bags need to be carried to a bedroom / cottage by a member of the team the handle will be sanitised prior to being carried and appropriate distancing will be maintained.

When checking out please speak to a member of the team to settle your account and leave your key in the basket provided.

If you bring a dog to stay with you, please keep it under close control whilst staying with us.

Guest House Bedrooms / Self-Catering Cottages

To aid with the extra cleaning that will be required we ask that all customers arrive no earlier than 4.00pm and depart by 10.00am on the day of departure.

All areas in each bedroom / cottage will have been thoroughly sanitised and cleaned prior to your arrival including extra attention to all touch points including door handles, pull cords, coat hangers, curtains and all surfaces. TV remotes will be placed in bags which will be sterilised prior to each stay. All linen and towels will have been washed thoroughly. Pillow protectors will also be changed and washed after each stay. Rooms will be sprayed with a sanitising solution after being thoroughly cleaned.

To reduce the risk of contamination and make cleaning of the rooms easier we have removed all non-essential items from the bedrooms and cottages. These include:

  • Guest Information Folders.
  • Toiletries.
  • Magazines / Publications.
  • Hair Dryers.
  • Spare Blankets.

If you require any of these items for your stay, please let us know and we will be happy to provide them for you.

We ask that customers use the dishwashers in the two self-catering cottages to wash all crockery, cutlery, utensils, glassware and pans used during their stay when self-catering.

During a changeover, all items listed above will be washed in the dishwasher to ensure they are fully clean and sanitised for the next customers.

To reduce the risk of cross-contamination during your stay we have decided that the bedrooms / cottages will not be serviced during a stay. If customers require clean towels or have a specific request, we ask that you discuss this with the team whilst you are with us.

Customers staying in the Guest House rooms will be able to dine in groups of up to 4 people. Tables will be spaced out in accordance with the relevant regulations and groups of up to 4 people will be able to sit together in social bubbles if they wish.

Customers staying in self-catering cottages who wish to join us for breakfast and evening meals may be asked to eat meals in their cottages (depending on table availability in the main dinning room). If necessary, this will be explained in more detail on check in.

As of the 14th September a maximum of 6 people will be allowed to stay in each of the cottages. If this affects your booking the team at Llanerchindda will be in contact with you to discuss alternative arrangements/ amend your booking.

Public Spaces

Public spaces including the patio area will be open, and guests will be asked to adhere to social distancing requirements throughout the property.

To aid with the increased distance required between dining tables some of the occasional seating has been moved to other areas of the Guest House.

Food Preparation / Service / Staff

High standards of cleanliness have always been a priority in our kitchen, and we will ensure these standards are maintained.

We have always adhered to strict safety procedures while storing, serving, and handling food and beverages and will continue to do so.

Current scientific advice is that COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is very unlikely to be spread by food.

All utensils, cooking equipment, crockery and cutlery are washed using a commercial dishwasher, which sterilises and thoroughly cleans everything.

All food preparation surfaces will be regularly sanitised and cleaned.

All staff will be trained in the procedures set out in this assessment and will adhere to the necessary safety procedures.

All staff temperatures will be checked on a regular basis to ensure they are ‘fit for work’. If staff have a temperature or are showing any signs related to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) they will be asked not to come to work / enter the buildings and told to return home and follow the necessary advice for someone showing symptoms of the virus. Before returning to work staff will be interviewed to ensure the yare ‘fit’ to return and have followed the relevant government advice.

When handling food staff will be asked to wear gloves and appropriate PPE.

Regular hand washing and sanitising will be carried out by all staff in place of wearing gloves (except when handling food).

All staff will be asked to adhere to the social distancing measures where possible and keep ‘contact times’ to a minimum where this is not possible.

Bar / Drinks Service

The honesty bar will be replaced with a ‘served drinks’ option where you will be able to come up to the bar area and a member of the team will provide your drinks for you.

We will ‘mark down’ drinks to your apartment / cottage and ask that they be paid for on departure. The process will be explained in more detail on check-in / at the bar.

Map Room / Information Leaflets

If customers need to look at our master maps / discuss routes to use whilst you are staying with us, please speak to a member of the team.

If customers wish to look at leaflets for local attractions, they are located in the map room if you take a leaflet please don’t put it back in the rack.

Storage Shed / Use of our Off-Road Site / Land

Please adhere to the relevant social distancing requirements when using the storage shed or our land and sanitise hands before entering the sheds and buildings as stated in this policy.

Before using our land make sure you have filled in the necessary indemnity form and informed a member of the team that you will be using our land. (There is a charge to use our land for some activities).

We have done some work to our off-road site to make it more user friendly with different areas marked for different levels of ability. This will help provide a more enjoyable experience and mean there is more to do based on site, which will help reduce the need to go off site for all activities.

We have also marked 2 walks using our land and adjacent public land for people to enjoy whilst staying with us. Please ask a member of the team for a copy of the leaflet.

Clay Pigeon Shooting / 4×4 driving Experience

Clay Pigeon shooting will not currently be available. If you have your own gun that you wish to bring away with you, we may be able to arrange something but please contact us in advance of your stay to discuss further.

Our 4×4 Experience where you sit in a vehicle with our instructor will not currently be available.

If you have your own 4×4 and wish to use our off-road course this is still possible but will be at your own risk. (Please see ‘Use of our off-road site’ above).

Use of Rights of Way Whilst Staying at Llanerchindda

Many of our customers will wish to use the rights of way network whilst staying at Llanerchindda either on foot, bicycle, motorbike or in a 4×4.

Customers need to be aware that some people in rural areas may be worried about the increased risk of the transmission of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) from coming into contact with tourists. To help minimise this risk please respect others when using rights of way, follow any local signs / diversions and sanitise / wash your hands regularly.

We have designed several routes that should minimise this contact. Please ask one of the team for this information.

Please follow the revised countryside code when using the countryside:

  • Respect other people – consider the local community and other people enjoying the outdoors. Park carefully so access to gateways and driveways are clear. Leave gates and property as you find them. Follow paths but give way to others where it’s narrow.
  • Protect the natural environment – Leave no trace of your visit, take all your litter home. Be careful with BBQ’s, and don’t light fires. Keep dog under effective control. Dog poo – bag it and bin it or take it with you.
  • Enjoy the outdoors – Plan ahead, check what facilities are open, be prepared. Follow advice and local signs and obey social distancing measures.

We recommend that customers carry a small bottle of hand sanitiser with them whilst using public rights of way. Small bottles of sanitising gel can be purchased from us if required.

Thank you for reading our policy document. Updated November 2020